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This is a place for John & Rilla Young's descendants to share memories and images relating to our Northwoods heritage: three generations of our family at Resthaven Resort in Pelican Lake, Wisconsin.

Celebrating Our Mothers

Rilla with her daughters 950

May 8th, 2011

In honor of Mother's Day, here's Rilla Young, surrounded by her daughters, Priscilla, Lorraine, Marie, and Alice. This photo was taken in May of 1950, when the family was assembled to celebrate Lorraine's daughter Kathleen's first communion. (See more on Alice and Kathleen directly below.)

You can view a few more photos of Rilla, her daughters and their children here.

Remembering Aunt Alice

Alice and her goddaughter Kathleen

January 23rd: Alice's Birthday

Rilla and John Young's second daughter Alice was godmother to Kathleen Alice, Lorraine's daughter and Rilla and John Young's first grandchild. Kathleen kindly contributed the picture at left, commenting, "I felt blessed to have this very special relationship with her. I admired her for so many reasons. I loved her so very, very much."

While Alice passed away in 1981, she remains close in all our hearts. In honor of her birthday, I've posted more new photos to this site. Many of these wonderful images were also contributed by Cousin Kathy.

A Word of Thanks

Every family has its historian, if they're lucky, and ours has been extraordinarily lucky to have had Cousin Harvey's many contributions to the Young Family history over the years. My captions and copy rely heavily on his hard work and research, for which I'm very, very grateful. Any errors are of course mine, not his. (Please let me know if you spot any mistakes, missing images or broken links, so I can make corrections.)

Many thanks also to my other cousins who have shared material, and to Aunt Lorraine and Cousin Kathleen for their special contributions. I'd love to post additional material that any of you would like to share.
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